Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do not forget to check out today:
- Hawaii, 1939 and More on Walt at DCA posted by Michael Barrier on October 23, 2007.
- Walt Disney and the Grand Canyon by Wade Sampson
- Somebody Else... by Hans Perk
- Mary Blair Show Preview by Amid Amidi
- Bobby Driscoll 1937-1968 by Don Brockway
- Hal Adelquist, 1914-1981 by Don Brockway
This last one is a very sad story. In an email he sent both CartoonBrew and myself, Don added:
[I had to read the newspaper story (from 1977) twice – I couldn’t believe it; it’s like a bad movie. I searched around for a long time to see if anyone in the animation fan community had chronicled Adelquist’s post-Disney life, but as far as I can tell, it’s never been covered, apart from this piece (…that I’ll have to remove if the easily identifiable newspaper from whose archives this came spots it). Maybe someone with more resources than I have can do a little digging and find out more. I’m still kind of stunned by it all.]

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Hans Perk said...

There is some description of the Kinney-Adelquist studio in Harry Tytle's book "One of Walt's Boys." This studio was started right after Walt did not continue Jack Kinney's contract in the late 50's. It seems that Walt tried to give them material to do, but they did not have a way to come up with realistic budgets...