Monday, September 10, 2007

Steel and America

I was researching a piece for a future volume of Walt's People when I realized that not only had I never seen the educational Donald Duck short Steel and America (1966), but that I did not even know much about this cartoon. I found this short clip online which comes from what seems to be a revised version from 1974.

Would anyone of you know:
- How long is the original short (or featurette) Steel and America?
- How much animation does it contain and how much live action?
- Who directed the animation and who directed the live action?


Unknown said...

The 1974 version is 30 minutes long, according to this site:

The "American Iron and Steel Institute" webpage reports that

"We no longer distribute Steel and America-A New Look, copyrights to that film reverted back to Walt Disney Productions. Contact them or call Westwood Screen, Suite 202, 211 Watling Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 1P3, Phone #416-890-2305."

A copy of the 1965 version is on sale here:
This site also provides directing credits to Les Clark.


Didier Ghez said...

Thanks a million for this Armando.

Kristjan Birnir said...

Does anyone know if the original 1965 edition, is similar long as the 1974 version in terms of animation and if the full 1974 version can be found anywhere online?