Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wonderful news. I just learned from Jim Hill Media that Floyd Norman is also one of the newly named Disney Legends. Not only is Floyd a superbly talented artist but he is also an outstanding human being, who is making this earth a better place on a daily basis, be it through his kindness, his talent, his wit or his willingness to share his memories of the animation world (see Walt's People - Volume 3 and Volume 4).

By the way, Floyd, if you are reading this:

1. Congratulations.
2. We are awaiting impatiently your next book :-)

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Celbi Pegoraro said...

I have no words to express my joy to hear this news! Floyd Norman rules!!! And I would like to thanks Didier Ghez for give me the chance to publish my interview with Mr. Norman on Walt´s People book series. Floyd not only answered all my questions, he also kindly sent his great books. :-)

Congrats Floyd! You are a great human being and deserves being named a Disney Legend.

Celbi P.