Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This just in from Are Myklebust to celebrate the first birthday of the Disney History blog.
[“The 7th Birthday of Mickey Mouse” 1935 Celebration Giveaway Button – Mickey first major birthday celebration (even the date was wrong).]

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DisneyDave said...

Hello Didier.

Congratulations on the big 0-1 anniversary! Did I miss the cake? Oh well...I'm starting to lose the battle to retain my boyish figure, so it's just as well..middleage does that to you.

Keep up the great work. I enjoy popping in to see what's new!

On another matter, a loooong time ago I wrote and article on Mickey's anniversary being celebrated in September and October. I'll see if I can locate the story and I'll email it to you.

Here's to another year!