Monday, July 30, 2007

I just got an email from Ape Pen Publishing announcing the release of 3 DVDs about the Disneyland Railroad story. They look fascinating, although I have not ordered them or watched them yet.
[The Disneyland Railroad DVD for Sale
This Original Disneyland Railroad Story DVD shares the inside stories of many great people who tell about their love for the Disneyland Railroad!If your interested please contact us at order information posted on the

Interviews with: Roy Disney, Michael Broggie, Art Linkletter, Steve DeGaetano, Bob Gurr, Keith Murdock, Buzz Price, EP Ripley 3rd, Margaret Kerry, Tim Lagaley (refurbished the Lilly Belle), Craig Ludwick (wk at the DLand RR Roundhouse), Kenny Becker (refurbished the Lilly Belle), Brad Larose (shares the inside story of the old Retlaw Train Cars), Russ Becker (refurbished the Lilly Belle)]
Amazon also announced this weekend two upcoming books by Bruce Gordon (and Jeff Kurtti) that might be quite interesting:
A mysterious Disneyland hardcover by Bruce Gordon and Walt Disney World: Then, Now, and Forever by Jeff Kurtti and Bruce Gordon.

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