Monday, July 09, 2007

I have just received the following email from one of the readers of the blog and was wondering if anyone of you might have access to this document:

[I wonder whether you could assist me in finding an early document from the planning stage of Disneyland? Even though the conceptual drawings for the little "kiddie park" projected by Walt for the sixteen-acre site across Riverside Drive are widely published, I have not been able to find the text of the "Burbank prospectus" presented to the Burbank Board of Parks and Recreation in March 1952.

To my knowledge, the only author who has seen this document is Karl Ann Marling, who mentions its presence in the Imagineering library (Architecture of Reassurance, pp. 52-54, 215). I am only familiar with the article, "Walt Disney Make-Believe Land Project Planned Here" in the Burbank Daily Review, partially reproduced in Gordon and Mumford, Disneyland Nickel Tour, p. 14). Marling mentions that excerpts from the prospectus are reprinted in a different publication, The Burbank Leader, but her documentation is imprecise.]

Any ideas?

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