Thursday, June 14, 2007

I had an excellent surprise yesterday. A project I initiated 2 years ago and that I thought was long dead seems to be back on track with a vengeance!
Since I am based in Spain, I have been trying for a while to get Disney to organize an exhibition about Disney and Spain, in Madrid and Barcelona. It looks as if we might have finally found the financing for the project. It still is months away, of course.
Now here is my question to all of you: What would you include in such an exhibition?
What is already planned includes:
- The abandonned Don Quixote projects
- Disney, Dali and Destino
- Ferdinand the Bull
- The Terrible Toreador
- Vintage Disney collectibles related to all of the projects above and vintage Disney items from Spain
Lots of pre-production and production art, interviews with some of the artists (like Ken Anderson) who tackled those projects,...
Have I forgotten obvious projects and ideas?

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