Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just received from Neil Armstrong:
[Hi Didier,

Attached is another photo you may wish to post on your blog.

It shows Walt and his wife Lilly at the Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, and was taken by H.L. Swain on 26th June 1966. Lilly often comes across as aloof and a little cold in many of the biographies of Walt, but in the mid 1990's she paid Walt a fulsome and touching tribute when she said:

" We shared a wonderful, exciting life, and we loved every minute of it. He was a wonderful Husband to me and wonderful and joyful Father and Grandfather"

There is no doubt she was a remarkable woman, and fully played her part in the Walt Disney Story. The final touching footnote was that she suffered a stroke on 15th December 1997, 31 years to the day since Walt Died. She died the next morning on 16th.

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Clement Glen said...

Disney has been in the background all my life. His cartoon animation led me into art college and his live action movies started my life long love of history. One film in particular. Walt Disney's Story of Robin Hood made in 1952. Now almost forgotten it inspired me to research the film and its production. I now have a blog dedicated to this underated movie. Its at

I love reading your blog, keep up the good work!