Tuesday, March 13, 2007

David Lesjak just sent me this photo with the following caption: "Circa 1956, William and Louise Rast visit with Walt Disney at the Studio in Burbank."

William Rast was one of Walt's childhood friends. David also sent me an interview he conducted with him and his wide 15 years ago that will be included in a following volume of Walt's People. Here is a preview:

"I was staying in California once. Walt picked me up at the hotel. We ate dinner together then went up to his house. Lillian wasn’t there. She was out with some of her friends. He asked if I wanted to go swimming. I said sure. He couldn’t find any swim suits. Lillian had squirreled them away somewhere. He said we could jump in with the lights off. We jumped into the pool naked and swam around. All of a sudden the lights went on – Lillian and some of her friends had returned. I remember Walt introducing me to them, pointing his finger at each one. Luckily, we were in the water well enough to be protected."

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