Friday, February 23, 2007

Some pieces of information are both good and frustrating. I just heard yesterday from Jim Korkis that a book titled The Making of Hong Kong Disneyland by Mel Malmberg (Roe Rohde's wife) had been released a few weeks ago by Disney. That's the good news.
The bad news is that it was given away to Cast Members and is not sold anywhere. Oh well...
[More details from Jim Korkis:
The Making of Hong Kong Disneyland: Magic at Work by Melody Malmberg (author of The Making of Disney's Animal Kingdom and wife of Imagineer Joe Rohde).

Designed by James Barkley, a former Imagineer. 150 pages. First edition 2005. Hardback. Color and black and white photos and concept sketches. Copyrighted by Disney Enterprises. No publisher listed. ISBN 988-98709-1-9. Introduction by Marty Sklar and Tom Fitzgerald.

Five chapters: Beginnings, Fifty Years of disney Design, A Disneyland in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: An Appreciation and Beyond Opening Day.

Reportedly given to cast members who helped with the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland. One hundred additional copies were available through Imagineering's Mickey's of Glendale company store in Southern California where they sold for forty-five dollars a copy plus tax. They disappeared within days of being listed.]

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