Monday, February 26, 2007

Articles and heirs

I have finally received last week Neal Gabler's biography of Walt. I will start reading it soon, of course, but what I could not help doing as soon as I got it was jump to the bibliography to check if it contained material I had never heard about. It did and I was wondering if:

1. Would anyone be able to send me scans of the following articles:
- The Walt Disney Comic Strips by Frank Reilly in Cartoonist Profiles (Winter 1969 - p. 18)
- Art Babbitt by Klaus Strzyz in The Comics Journal (Fall 1969)

2. Would anyone know how to contact the heirs of:
- Robert Foster Price

He wrote unpublished memoirs of his career at Disney and I would like to attempt to get the rights to get those in print.

It's a long-shot, but worth the try :-)

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Mark Mayerson said...

Didier, I think that reference to The Comics Journal in 1969 is a mistake. The magazine started out as The Nostalgia Journal sometime in the mid '70's and didn't change it's name to The Comics Journal until the second half of 1976.