Monday, February 05, 2007

And now for the 1 million dollar question. As we all know the book released in 1957 and titled The Story of Walt Disney was based on a long series of interviews with Walt conducted by journalist Pete Martin. I was wondering if any of the readers of this blog would have access to copies of the interview recordings and would be willing to send me a copy. Needless to say those would be purely for my personal enjoynment and would not be shared. I also realize that this request is a long shot.

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DisneyDave said...

To my knowledge there is only one copy of the interview transcripts in private hands outside of the Disney Archives.

I have copies of the several pages that detail Walt's involvement in the war....where Martin asks about the Studio switching to a war production plant and the takeover of the Studio by military personnel, etc...

What I found interesting was Walt's style of speaking in the interview...definitely not the polished professional we have seen in television clips...and I don't mean this in a negative way either.

The transcripts are supposed to be verbatum and they appear to be as Walt was very spontaneous in his answers.