Monday, January 15, 2007

Save the Treasures! If the news reported on the forums and on CartoonBrew is indeed correct, the year is not starting in the best possible way for Disney historians, as the Walt Disney Company seems to be on the verge of discontinuing the Disney Treasures series. Please read the post on CartoonBrew to know how to try anf avoid this.

I usually respect Disney's business decisions and dislike internet campaigns that aim to save such and such things (attractions, movies, Song of the South release,...) , but this decision and the one to terminate the Disney Magazine just feel uterly wrong and seem to justify some sort of well-educated, polite action.

If the series end up being cancelled after all, we will be able to console ourselves by thinking that the very existence of this series was improbable in the first place and that it contains the even more improbable release of the WWII productions and the complete Silly Symphonies.

Right... but let's not abandon hope yet.

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