Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thanks to Jim Korkis I got access this week to a copy of JB Kaufman's outstanding article Before Snow White released in the magazine Film History (Vol. 5, no.2 - June 1993).

This article is by far the best piece of Disney research I have been reading in years (I am not kidding!) Through it, I realized that two non-Disney movies from 1934 contain sequences animated by the Disney Studio: Hollywood Party and Servants' Entrance.

I was wondering if any of the readers of this blog would have access to those two movies, as I would like to see those two sequences and share them with all of you (for historical interest only).


Bill said...

Hollywood Party is a favorite of mine thanks to Charles Butterworth's dry performance. Every print I've seen has Mickey playing piano, but part of the animation seems incomplete, as if the cel level of the piano was not photographed. I would love to hear more about that.

Mark said...

HOLLYWOOD PARTY is available secondhand from AMAZON. It was released in the mid-nineties through MGM/UA by TURNER ENTERTAINMENT. It is uncut, at least my copy is.