Friday, December 29, 2006

Quite a few readers of the blog sent me emails about the Redux Riding Hood project.

Celbi Pegoraro sent me the URL of an article he wrote (in Portuguese) a while back on Animagic about that same subject and that clarifies, among other things that:

Jack and the Beanstalk was directed by Peter Tolan ("Larry Sanders") and seem to have stopped in post-production and that Three Little Pigs with a script by Frank Coniff seems to have been completed but never released, not even in festivals.

Jenny Lerew posted a comment that mentioned:

I freelanced some storyboarding on Three Little Pigs for Darrell Rooney (I was working at Turner feature animation development at the time, where I'd met Darrell). I believe Ricky Nierva, now at Pixar, and Scott Morse (also up there at Pixar) did freelance boards too (Ricky, who is a brillaint young designer, might have done the character designs as well--I'm not sure--can't remember).

I never saw the finished product, either, though--why Disney never released them is a mystery to me, but they were having a kind of rollercoaster of management at that time, and perhaps a new exec in charge couldn't see a venue for them. They were at one point supposed to be released on a home video(now it'd be a DVD, of course). I'd be surprised if they stayed unseen forever.

I can't remember what the "4th" film's about 10 years ago now."

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JimSpriggs said...

Redux was written by Dan O'Shannon, a television writer known for his work on Cheers and many others shows. I did not direct Jack and the Beanstalk, but I did write it. I remember very little about the process, but somewhere in my home or in storage, tucked away in a box, is a VHS of the finished short. I thought it was quite good, but as someone else has mentioned, Disney seemed not to know what to do with these shorts.

I think George Carlin was one of the voices in Jack. Other than that, I don't remember a thing.

Peter Tolan