Friday, December 15, 2006

A few important notes for the daily readers of this blog:

- If you have tried emailing me recently and did not get an answer, please resend me your email! I know for a fact that quite a few emails sent in the last few weeks have not reached me. As a rule, I always answer all emails with 48 hours.

- I am still looking for photocopies of the magazine Animato! issue 39.

Finally: as some of you know, the hardest to find book of them all about Disney is the Pinocchio book released by Random House and pictured here. It contains a very large number of storyboard drawings from the movie and its print run was only 100 copies.

- I was wondering if a generous soul would be prepared to photocopy the whole book for me (a long shot, but I love to try :-)

For those of you with very deep pockets, there seems to be a copy of the book still available on Cohen Books and Collectibles for $3,500.

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