Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I posted the following information last month:

"Ray Pointer from Inkwell Images Ink is about to release this DVD about Walt's famous Laugh-O-grams. I admit that I've already got all of the shorts that are included on this upcoming DVD through another source, but I will still order it, as it will contain an interview of Rudy Ising that I was not aware of."

Ray has now released the DVD and has sent me the following email with which I agree completely:

[While I came across your remark about my new release, I was unable to post my response.

The fact that some of these titles may be available through your web site, or elsewhere is not the issue here. The issue is the manner and quality of their state, which we have spent a great deal of time on in an effort to make them viewable. I am glad that you have chosen to order since what you will receive is technically superior to the horrible versions that have been circulating among collector's circles based on amateurish duplication. Here is what one customer in Norway had to say:

Hi Ray,

I was astonished with the picture quality. I already had the Laugh-O-grams, but the quality on these were poor, and the image was also cropped. When I saw yours, I could finally see the whole image And I also liked the new sound.


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