Monday, October 30, 2006

I was wondering last week about The Art of Winnie the Pooh: Disney Artists Celebrate the Silly Old Bear. Ask and you shall receive.

First this email by one of the blog readers:

"I have seen this book in Barnes and Nobel - they had a ton of them available. The book is basically interpretations of Pooh via art pictures that Disney artists have drawn for the book. Another words it is almost all pictures and no real text. When I first heard of this book I thought that it might actually be a history of Pooh - or rather a history of Disney's history with pooh - but alas I was very disappointed. Basically unless you want pictures of pooh you can steer clear of this book. No history to speak of. One thing I did notice with the book is that it looked like to me that it would be very easy to cut the book in pieces to remove each page if someone wanted to frame a few of the pages to hang in a child's room. The design of it makes it almost ideal for that."

Then here is the other side of the coin through an excellent article on the subject by Floyd Norman.

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