Monday, September 04, 2006

Those of you who have been checking The Disney Books Network those last few years know that I am not a big fan of theoretical books about Disney. This has not changed, which is why I can unfortunately not be enthusiastic about Holly Crawford's book Attached to the Mouse: Disney and Contemporary Art. This is a purely subjective point of view, the basis of it being: if you make some efforts reseraching a subject about Disney, why not make it real research about Disney history? That being said, my main criticism about Holly's book was its lack of illustrations (probably due to costs and copyrights reasons). A book about art inspired by Disney that did not show Disney-inspired art seemed pointless. I am glad to say that Holly now has a site that complements her book and that contains quite a few cool links to interesting art pieces, including the one you can see on the left by Alexander Kosolapov. This at least I find fun and interesting to a certain extent.

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Holly Crawford said...

Dear Dieder,

I sorry you find a book without images pointless. It was not due to cost at all but Disney as I told! I discuss all this in my book.

By the way all my reseach!, the images and I gave to the French for their exhibtion. I hope you enjoy the exhibition. Maybe we'll bumb into each other.

By the way I glad I could help out with those links on my site to all those images.

Holly Crawford