Friday, September 22, 2006

The other man without whom the exhibition would not exist is of course Robin Allan, author of the book Walt Disney and Europe, which served as the foundation for the concept of the exhibition.

Robin (left) is doing much better (he had a stroke last year) and is seen here discussing with my great friend and fellow Disney enthusiast Sebastien Durand.

Quite a few other personalities attended the inauguration ceremony, among them Bob Iger, Charles Solomon, Andreas Deja,...

One of the attendants was a Disney artist, old time friend and collector of Disney original art who acquired a few months ago a couple of drawings of the Cuban Caballero that we showed a few weeks ago on this blog thanks to Jenny Lerew. The main reason I mention this fact is that I learned at the event that we might soon see those drawings in a book about Freddy Moore, which might be the first of a long series of art books about Disney artists. I can't add details at this stage, but let's just say that the project seems very serious and involve quite a few very (I mean very) knowledgeable animation experts.

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