Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Apologies for this long silence. I am still swamped with work and catching up due to my trips to Paris and Italy (earlier on). I will post a report about the exhibition this week. It was a stunning event launching an exhibition that is without a doubt the best Disney exhibition ever (I do not believe I am exagerating here). I was so taken by it, unfortunately, that I forgot to take pictures, which is the explaination for the delay in posting the report this week. The report, hopefully will be illustrated.

My posts today, will therefore try to catch up with what I should have posted last week, being mainly recommendations about great pieces to read. Some obvious, some less more so.

I would start with the second and third installements of Floyd Norman's series about The Jungle Book on JimHillMedia, as well as with an article about the actors that could have played Eddie Valiant by Jim Hill.

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