Monday, August 07, 2006

The Walt's People book series, articles in Tomart's Disneyana, the Disney History Network and travels all week long for work plus a family to take care of... I never thought I would one day decide to add a blog to the list.
But I was researching the life of X. Atencio last week to prepare questions for an upcoming interview with this seldom interviewed Disney legend, and to do so I re-read a chapter of Bill Justice's book, Justice for Disney... and I discovered that a Mexican movie that I have never seen, by director Carlos Amador, includes a specially created animation sequence of the 3 Little Pigs animated by the Disney Studio for that specific movie and directed by Bill Justice and X. Atencio. This broke the camel's back: I had to share that one story and a few others with fellow Disney history buffs, if only to get one of you to tell me how to get ahold of this movie.
But of course, now that I am getting started, I am unlikely to stop and will try and share on a daily or weekly basis, fun discoveries about Disney history, amazing Disneyana finds, beautiful original Disney artwork, news about upcoming or recently published books about Disney and Walt's People progress.
Five posts today will serve as a sample of what I intend to do on this blog in the future. Enjoy!


Craig Mackay said...

Awesome endeavor. Good luck and thank you for the info.

Denis Dlugas said...

Wow... I never knew anything of that commissioned work. Thanks for sharing with us!!!
By the way do you know more about the making of this sequence or how the contacted the Disney studios? Maybe you could give it a post of its own ;)