Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ok, this is clearly not Disney related, but I will give myself the right to post some things about Warner on this blog on an exceptional basis if they focus on the Golden Age of animation.

Here is a post that has appeared last week on the ASIFA Animation Archive site. I really hope that one of the readers of the Disney History blog will be able to help (please do let me know if you were to contact Steve as I would also really love to read those transcripts).

"Reg Hartt in Canada was kind enough to send us CDs of over 8 hours of interviews with Bob Clampett where he discusses his entire career. We need volunteers to transcribe the interviews to text files. The audio quality is a bit dodgy, so it's going to take some careful listening with headphones to transcribe everything. This is a project that could be done anywhere in the world by email. If you have some time available, and would like to help out, email me at"

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