Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Of course, an other book I am also looking forward to read late September, early November, is actually a comic book: Return of the Gremlins published by Dark Horse. Dark Horse will be republishing at the same time the original Gremlins book (for a story of the Gremlins project, check the excellent article by Wade Sampson on Mouse Planet) as well as PVC figurines based on Gus and Fifinella. I find the idea of reviving this property of the '40s fascinating. In part because the whole subject of Disney during WWII is in itself a treasure trove of Disney history, in part because I love to study abandoned Disney projects, in part, because I just find the Gremlins characters attractive and fun.

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Mark Mayerson said...

The art for The Return of the Gremlins is being done by the great Dean Yeagle. I'm looking forward to seeing it.