Thursday, August 24, 2006

Exciting news from Robert Tieman at the Disney Archives (the image above is the last one in the Pilgrim Mickey series):

"I noticed that you said you were a particular fan of story sketches from cartoons that never got made. You'll be interested to know that I just finished my third book in the "Treasures" series : The Mickey Mouse Treasures. It's ALL Mickey this time, and I think this book will be the best of them all. Anyway, one of the chapters is "The Mouse That Might Have Been", and it's six pages full of illustrations of never-made Mickey shorts. I'm especially proud of this chapter, and I think you will enjoy it a lot.

The book will be coming out in February or March 2007 as a "park exclusive" at Disneyland and WDW; and then released to bookstores and Amazon in September or October."

I love to start a day with these kinds of news (aside from the parks' exclusive bit, of course).

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