Friday, August 11, 2017

Ink & Paint: The Women of Walt Disney's Animation is a revolutionary book about Disney history. It finally gives the women of Walt Disney's animation (not just those from Ink & Paint) the place they deserve... and it's a very important place.

The book is also absolutely massive. You are definitely getting tremendous value for your money.

And it is chock full of brand new information and photographs... from start to finish.

I truly believe that this is a book that will remain THE reference on the subject in 50 years.

More importantly, I believe that this is a book that none of us can afford not to get. This one absolutely has to be part of your Disney history library.

The author, my good friend Mindy Johnson can really be proud of what she achieved!

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Christian S. said...

So exciting, the audience will stomp and cheer. So delighting, it will run for 50 years... (laughs) couldn't help myself, although my Moulin Rouge-fever is starting to fade away in favor of Hollywood musicals from 1940s and 50s with dancing actors like Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, Marilyn Monroe and Donald O'Connor.
I'm looking so forward for this book!