Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It is a real pleasure to announce the release of the long-awaited Walt's People - Volume 14! This is an extremely strong volume. Probably the strongest to date.

Here is the table of contents:

Foreword: Todd James Pierce

Bob Thomas: Carman Maxwell
Mark Mayerson: Dick Lundy
Leonard Maltin: Dick Lundy
Leonard Maltin: Phil Klein
Leonard Maltin: Zack Schwartz
John Culhane: Ray Patterson
Didier Ghez: Marge Champion
John Canemaker: Joe Grant
Dave Smith: Bob Jones
Jim Korkis & Didier Ghez: Bob Baker
Vincent Randle: A Life Rendering: The Unrealized Art of Richmond “Dick” Kelsey
David Culbert: Eric Knight at Disney
The Holling C. Holling letters
John Culhane: Bill Justice
John Culhane: Irvin Graham
Michael Broggie: Lillian Disney
Alberto Becattini: Carson Van Osten
George Sherman: Bruce Bushman
George Sherman: Bob Mattey
Dave Smith: Chris Mueller
John G. West: Arthur Vitarelli
Charles Solomon: Alice Davis
Didier Ghez: Lucile Bosché
Harry Wessel: Joe Fowler
Didier Ghez: Eddie Sotto

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Snow White Archive said...

Sounds like a good one. Can't wait to read it.