Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Here is a new book released by Theme Park Press which might interest some of us. I will review it when I get a copy. In the meantime, here is what the publisher had to say about it:


Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios become the stars in a theme park experience like no other. In this behind-the-camera book, you’ll find out how Disney does it, and how you can use the same techniques to bring some show biz into your biz, with your customers the stars.

_Stories from the Studios_

Former Disney University executive J. Jeff Kober shares little-known stories behind dozens of park attractions, restaurants, and shops, and teaches you how to use Disney's peerless storytelling and customer service secrets to take your life and your business to new heights.

From the "ugly ducklings" of Min and Bill's Dockside Diner (and how to turn your own weaknesses into strengths) to Toy Story Midway Mania (and how to prevent "mania" from undermining your success), Kober takes you on a tour of Disney's Hollywood Studios that will change how you view the park - and how you view your own life, both personal and professional.

_Putting on the Show_

"Disney's Hollywood Studios: From Show Biz to Your Biz" is the only book devoted entirely to the Hollywood Studios theme park, with over forty chapters of park history, Disney trivia, and business best practices, including:

- How the experience starts in the parking lot

- A tale of two movie moguls: Walt Disney vs Louis B. Mayer

- The valuable lessons of "merchantainment"

- Adventures in partnership with George Lucas, Jim Henson, and Aerosmith

- How Disney turns mundane minutes into Magical Moments

- Hidden secrets of the Tower of Terror, and how Disney exceeded even its own standards

Get your business ready for *its* close-up!]

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