Friday, February 08, 2013

This just in from Gunnar Andreassen:

[Photo taken outside The Rivoli, NY 1932.

From the ad in “Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphonies Exhibitors Campaign Book” (United Artists 1932):
And Children Business in Your BOX-OFFICE!
Every wise showman knows that the backbone of his gross is dependent on the volume of childen business he does.  Children talk about the picture, drag their parents in, and are the greatest movie audience in the world.  The MICKEY MOUSE sculptured figure shown on this page, and illustrated as well in the lobby display section of this pressbook, is the official MICKEY MOUSE lobby fixture.
25 % discount on each display
Though a special arrangement with United Artists Pictures Corporation we are offering this figure direct to the exhibitors at a saving of 25 %, - our regular price is $ 4,00 per display, 25 % discount bringing the net price down to $ 3,00 each.
MICKEY MOUSE relief statuette is a startlingly attractive figure.  The pants are red, buttons blue, shoes are orange, gloves a vivid yellow.  There is an easel on the back so that you can stand it up in the lobby of your theatre or if desired, you can remove the easel and mount it against the wall.
Laminite . . .
Exclusive Paper Mache
This MICKEY MOUSE figure is made of Laminite (exclusive paper maché), perfected by Old King Cole, Inc.  It will stand the onslaughts of rough wear and hard usage.  To even further preserve the life of this display it can be varnished so that it can be used in front of your theatre or on the marquee.
Canton . Ohio]

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