Monday, February 11, 2013

Here are three great Serbian ads from the magazine Politika, sent by my friend Sasa Rakezic.

[The first one, from 22.11.1940, was probably made by a local artist (I would guess Djuka Jankovic), and it says: "The Goofy - After the return from Africa with his inseparable companion Mickey, will go through many new adventrures in the upcoming issues of Politikin Zabavnik".

The second ad (26.11.1940.) says, obviously stating Goofy's words: "Hello Mickey! I'm not late, I'm just running to bring my latest manuscript regarding my latest adventure, which comes out in... Politikin Zabavnik". The new issue came out toda, price 1 dinar" - it's written "Staff of Politikin Zabavnik" at the entrance of the house.

The third one (08.11.1940.) says" "Walt Disney is the favourite artist of the US and the world. All his characters appear in every issue of Politikin Zabavnik. The new issue came out today". There is also a signed Disney's photo, it says - "za Politiku (for Politika)- Sincerely Walt Disney".]

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Peter said...

"After the return from Africa with his inseparable companion Mickey"

Presumably Politikin Zabavnik was coming to the end of the story "In search of Jungle Treasure" - the Mickey Mouise strip that had run in US newspapers from April to August 1937.