Tuesday, July 18, 2023

This just in:

[I am a historian currently researching the life and work of filmmaker and teacher Alexander Mackendrick. After a twenty-year career as a director, Mackendrick became founding dean of the film school at the newly founded California Institute of the Arts, as created by Walt Disney and constructed after his death (the campus in Valencia opened to students in 1971). Given its importance as an art school, it is surprising that until now, there has never been any serious historical research done on the early years of CalArts. Two manuscripts are near completion: one is about Mackendrick's teaching career, another is a history of the early years of CalArts, which digs into the formation of the place, when Walt was still alive and very involved. Over the past decade I have rummaged through many archives and interviewed hundreds of people who were students or who taught at the Institute ca.1970 - 1980. Much new material has emerged about Walt's school. I wonder if during their own research anyone has come across any mention of CalArts or encountered material and documentation that I might not have seen. If so, I would be in your debt if you were to get in touch. Please email me at pauljcronin@gmail.com or call me in New York (646) 757 0793. My website, which details my work of the past two decades, is here: www.stickingplace.com. Specific mention of my Mackendrick project, including a book I published in 2004, is here: www.alexandermackendrick.com.]

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