Wednesday, August 31, 2022

This just in from Jim Korkis about his new book:

[Second Star to the Right and Straight on ‘till Morning!


Soar through the skies of London and Never Land with Peter Pan and his friends! Read in Walt Disney’s own words his feelings and ideas about Never Land.  Discover why it took nearly twenty years to make the animated feature even though Walt wanted it released in 1940.  Learn how to make an official Tinker Bell cocktail that delighted Disney Legend Marc Davis. 


For everyone who never wants to grow up even as they grow older, this book shares seventy years of stories of Disney’s version of the Peter Pan story from Walt Disney’s first encounter as a child in 1909 with a memorable theatrical stage production to the upcoming live action movie.


This book thanks to years of intensive original research and interviews with people involved documents information that has never before been in print.  Every page features something new that will be unfamiliar to even the most dedicated fan.


Who was brought into the Disney Studio to create a bell “vocabulary” for Tinker Bell?  Why is Captain Hook’s deadly hook on the wrong hand?  On what other projects did Bobby Driscoll supply the voice of Peter Pan in the 1950s?  What is the complete list of Tinker Bell peanut butter commercials and who animated them?


Not only is the classic Disney animated feature covered in extensive detail but there are chapters about Peter Pan merchandise, the Peter Pan presence in the Disney theme parks including Disneyland’s first flying Tinker Bells and attractions, Peter Pan in ice skating shows, Disney comics and more.


Chapters are devoted to other projects that were inspired by the original film including Return to Never Land, Pixie Hollow & Tinker Bell Films and Jake and the Never Land Pirates among others.  Chapters also showcase James M. Barrie’s original work and the 1921 Paramount silent film version of Barrie’s play that Walt Disney purchased for ideas.   


Each chapter is self-contained so there is no necessity to read this book from beginning to end but readers can skip to those chapters that hold the most interest for them.  


With a little faith, trust and pixie dust, this book will transport you to a magical land where dreams are born and countless adventures await the young-in-heart.]

Table of Contents


Introduction by Margaret Kerry

Sir James Barrie & Peter Pan

Maude Adams

Silent Movie Version (1924)

Walt’s Thoughts on Peter Pan

Making of Disney’s Peter Pan

Disney’s Peter Pan (1953)

Live Action Reference

Character Profile:  Peter Pan

Character Profile:  Captain Hook

Character Profile: Tinker Bell

Margaret Kerry Interview

Character Profile: The Darling Family & the Lost Boys

Character Profile:  Never Land Tribe & Mermaids

Selling Peter Pan

Peter Pan in Comics

Tinker Bell Peanut Butter Commercials (1954)

Peter Pan in the Parks

Back to Never Land (1989)

Peter Pan on Ice

Return to Never Land  (2002)

Pixie Hollow & Tinker Bell Films  (2008)

Jake and the Never Land Pirates (2011)

The Rest of the Story

Afterword by June Foray

About the Author

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