Friday, April 08, 2022

This just in from my friend Jeremie Noyer. Apparently this book will be released in the Spring this year. Here is the official blurb:

[From the theme parks to the Disney Hotels and shows, the designers of all these experiences are not only architects and engineers, but also artists – painters, illustrators, storyboarders, graphic designers, decorators, and model makers.

With The Art of Disneyland Paris, dive into the heart of the creation and evolution of Europe’s leading tourist destination through more than 300 photos, concepts and preparatory drawings made by Imagineers and artists of the Entertainment Department, over its 30-year history. From the first sketches to the projects to come, discover an art book like no other, both a souvenir album and a portfolio of passionate artists.]


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Todd Pierce said...

I'm so confused. The cover is in English but all of the page proofs I've seen (here and elsewhere) are in French. Is there really going to be an English version later this year? DLP also has some amazing single attraction history books, which, sadly (for me), are only in French.