Monday, November 15, 2021

This new book just in from Jim Korkis:

[Are you smarter than a Disney Historian?

Of course you are because nobody can know everything about Walt Disney World.   In this book, author Jim Korkis who is an acknowledged and respected Disney Historian has provided 500 multiple choice questions about fifty years of WDW.


The 500 questions are divided into ten different sections. In keeping with the spirit of WDW’s 50th anniversary, they are gathered in groups of 50. Readers can pick and choose which sections they might want to try or skip or even what order to try and answer them.


Everything from the individual parks to the resorts to things outside the parks and resorts are included as well as WDW history.  Additional sections feature lists of fifty years of historical highlights, fun facts and more.


These are not the typical questions that can be found on the internet but questions and answers that were verified by the Walt Disney Company over the last thirty years.   Jim was responsible for writing many trivia quizzes and fun fact media sheets for WDW so all of that information had to go through scrutiny of several Disney departments including the Disney Archives for final approval.


The answer section does not just provide the correct answer but is usually several sentences to explain fully why it was the right answer or why the other choices were wrong.  In that way, even if someone got the question correct, they might still learn a little bit more.


Jim hopes this book will encourage readers to go back and re-look at something at Walt Disney World in a different perspective that they might have seen dozens of times or maybe discover a hidden treasure they never knew had always been there like how leaf imprints are created in Disney’s concrete walkways or which Port Orleans ferry boat has a misspelled name.


The book is formatted so that even after taking the quiz, it can still be used as a valuable reference and an opportunity to irritate other people by quizzing them.]

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