Tuesday, February 16, 2021

This just in from Jeremie Noyer:

[You've been waiting for lightyears – some engaging in scientific calculations or drawing up comet plans – wanting to know when the long-awaited book will be published.

Well dear explorers, we won't make you wait any longer. We are pleased to announce “Space Mountain: From Earth to the Stars” will be available starting tomorrow!
Following in the footsteps of “Pirates of the Caribbean - A Treasure of an Attraction” and “Phantom Manor: Attraction Decrypted,” discover the history of this iconic attraction, from its origins all the way to Hyperspace Mountain, including of course From the Earth to the Moon and Mission 2.
Discover the sources of inspiration and the technological challenges that led to its creation, all richly illustrated with concepts and photos stretching over the years.
“Space Mountain: From Earth to the Stars” will be on sale for 22€ starting this Friday, February 12, at the World of Disney Store in Disney Village. As this is not a limited edition, stock will be reordered regularly.
All right, you've got the green light for take-off! Good luck in your intergalactic mission!]


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