Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Here is one book I am eagerly awaiting. According to the site of ANAFI (and Google Translate):

[The first tribute volume for Anafi 2021 members will be Mickey Mouse Weekly - The art of Harold Whitaker: 1950-1953, edited by Alberto Becattini, a real gem that will surely meet the favor of the members. Between 1950 and 1953, the animator Harold Whitaker created for the British Disney weekly Mickey Mouse Weekly a series of splendid stories continued with mixed media: pencils and inks for the characters and color paints for the backgrounds. The volume presents, for the first time in Italy in their full version, three adventures (The Reluctant Pirate, The House of Magic and The Hungry Ghost Mystery) with the duo Mickey Mouse-Eega Beeva, plus the comic adaptation of The Magnificent and Fabulous Mr. Toad. All accompanied by an extensive historical philological introduction and by the cards of the authors (Ronald Nielsen, in addition to Whitaker). A volume of 128 pages in color, unique and unmissable, that enthusiasts and collectors have been waiting for for some time. Original cover by Casty.]


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