Monday, October 19, 2020

This book by Graham Allan, Rebecca Cline and Charlie Price is, simply put, unbelievable. At 380 pages, it is massive and contains more than 1,500 photos. It will take you weeks to go through it properly and to admire all of the details (including a few dozen black and white historical photos).

The reaction of my wife when she saw the book on our coffee table was: "Let me go through this page by page." She was blown away, but also totally overwhelmed by the first few pages about Halloween. "This is so fascinating, and there is so much in there, that it will take me at least until Christmas to 'read' this book as it deserves."

In other words: Not for the faint at heart, but definitely a must-have for Disney parks enthusiasts.

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Joe Smith said...

The D23 Virtual Launch event for this book was really interesting, too. It's still available through Sunday, Oct 25. It covered Halloween, with a promise of a Christmas video later. I don't have my copy yet, so this made me even more excited to get one.