Friday, June 26, 2020

Look at what showed up in the mail yesterday. With this sixth volume, the They Drew as They Pleased - The Hidden Art of Disney art book series is now complete.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel.

I am now working on a monograph about The Origins of the True-Life Adventures that will break a lot of new ground and that I believe many of you will enjoy reading.


K. Martinez said...

I have every one of your "They Drew as they Pleased" books and the pre-order coming in August. I've thoroughly enjoyed this series. So much beautiful artwork. These books have become some of my most prized Disney books in my personal library.

Am really looking forward to your book on "The Origins of the True-Life Adventures" as well since I'm a major fan of that series. I remember watching the True-Life Adventure features in the theater and featurettes like "Nature's Half Acre" and "In Beaver Valley" in the classroom being projected onto the screen. All of this back in the 1960's when I was a kid.


l said...

Congratulations to you, Didier, on completing a stunning series. They Drew as They Pleased – The Hidden Art of Disney has taken animation art books to new heights. You have done a great service for more than two dozen wonderful individual artists: telling the stories of these long-overlooked men and women, and sharing their work with the world, in most cases for the very first time.

You have done a great service, too, for all of us who are fascinated by the history of Disney animation. Your first volume’s chapters on Albert Hurter and Gustaf Tenggren have enriched my understanding of and love for masterpieces like Snow White and Pinocchio. Your exploration of the likes of David Hall suggests the intriguing alternative paths not taken. Your writing on Ken Anderson and Mel Shaw makes me appreciate what brilliant artists they were. Before reading your books, I never realised just how rich the creative process behind these films was. And of course, the drawings you have discovered and shared are, in and of themselves, compelling, unique, and often beautiful artistic creations. Your gorgeously illustrated volumes offer an abundance of art – art which is, variously, remarkably imaginative, atmospheric, startling, funny, and even moving.

I cannot wait to order the sixth and final volume. Thank you for all your work. And I also look forward to your monograph, and the next Hyperion Historical Alliance Annual!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Disney art book series. Congrats on an epic job well done! Much appreciated.

I need to get those final two... : )

TJ Pierce said...

The new book looks absolutely lovely!!!!