Wednesday, October 16, 2019

There have been so many good books released about Disney history in recent months that I started re-reading my recent reviews a few days ago to make sure than I did not short-change some of them by reviewing them too quickly.

While doing so, I realized that I had made at least one obvious mistake in one of those reviews. I have now been able to read in detail The Art of Disney Costuming and, while I do regret that it does not feature more costumes and historical info about Walt's era (which I suspect comes from the fact that those costumes did not survive), I really, really enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous photographs of the new costumes as well as the great stories and anecdotes that discuss their creation!

If you are a fan of the new live-action Disney features or if you have friends who are, this is definitely a "must-have" for you or a great gift for your friends.

And there is even a double-page about one of The Black Hole costumes, which truly made my day!

I have now removed my original review which does not reflect how I truly feel about this beautiful book.

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