Sunday, February 17, 2019

Walt's People - Volume 22 has just been released!

I believe it is one of the best volumes in the series. It contains interviews and documents about Ferdinand Horvath, Izzy Klein, Eduardo Solá Franco, Campbell Grant, T. Hee, Ken Anderson, Bill Cottrell, Ken Anderson, Herb Ryman, Andrew B. Beard, Treb Heining, Harriet Burns, Valerie Edwards, Gary Goldman, Tad Stones.

Some of the highlights are: a long autobiographical letter from Ferdinand Horvath, the full Disney-related correspondence of Eduardo Solá Franco, the letters of Campbell Grant, a long interview with Imagineer Harriet Burns, and Gary Goldman's in-depth interview about the Disney Studio in the 1970s.

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cgrotke said...

22 volumes! Congrats.

If someone is new to the series, where should they jump in? Are they all good starting places?