Thursday, July 05, 2018

Theme Park Press just released two more good books. Here is the description of the first one from the publisher:

[You've heard Jim Korkis' secret stories of Walt Disney World. Then you heard more of Jim Korkis' secret stories of Walt Disney World. Now, with the neighbors gone home and the kids asleep, Jim has a special treat: other secret stories of Walt Disney World. Gather round.

You know what's more fun than finding Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World? Reading secret stories about Walt Disney World. And no one knows more Disney secrets than Jim Korkis. Just when it seems like the secrets well is dry, the often imitated, never duplicated Korkis hits a gusher:

The evolution and emancipation of the Redhead in Pirates of the Caribbean
The one place in Disney World where you'll see radioactive monsters, zombies, and a giant psychotic woman
The backstories of Auntie Kau'i, Miss Adventure, and other little-known Disney "characters"
More "Disney that never was" with Epcot's Venezuela pavilion and the Lake Buena Vista monorail
Each story is short enough to read whenever you have a spare moment that needs Disney in it. That's, like, every spare moment, so pace yourself... ]

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