Tuesday, February 06, 2018

This just in from Christian Svenningsen:

[While I was researching about Queen Margrethe II meeting Walt Disney on her California trip to Disneyland, I couldn't find anything in the history books at the local library. My mind was set up finding other documentations of this story than some comic book of our Danish queen from her birth 'til her coronation day on January 1972, which is where I first learned about it. The librarian at the info desk asked me if I had found anything useful, I explained him my research, and he looked it up on the database. He found documentation of King Frederik and his princesses attending the Rebild Festival in 1961 where Walt Disney was the American speaker that significant year. Not exactly what I was looking for, but the librarian shared some anecdotes of his father attending the festival and meeting Walt Disney, which was something better. He told me his father was eager to meet Walt Disney, and Walt even made a paper hat for him. He located a photo of Rebild Festival 1961 where Walt was visible at the front seats next to the Royal Family. He jokingly couldn't find his father among the attendants on the hilltop in the photo from The Danish Emigration Archives. I asked for a copy of this Photo, and he generously printed it out for me.]

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