Thursday, January 25, 2018

The last volume of the 14-book-long Floyd Gottfredson Library was released two days ago and, like the previous 13 volumes, it is a masterpiece. (12 volumes of dailies and 2 volumes of Sunday pages).

I simply cannot congratulate my good friend and editor David Gerstein enough for having pulled off such a feat. Bravo!!


ramapith said...

Thanks so much, Didier!

More than anything else, I'm excited to feature in this volume an illustrated feature on Gottfredson's abortive post-Mickey adventure strip, Mark O'Polo. While not a lot survives (no finished strips seem to have been drawn), Joakim Gunnarsson, Ulrich Merkl, and Paolo Giovenale provided a lot of rare material, most of it never published before.

This stuff matters so much.

Christian S. said...

I only have collected 3 volumes - Race to Death Valley, Trapped on Treasure Island, and the Color Sundays volume Call of the Wild, mostly to read JB Kaufman's essays featured in the book series.