Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Were you member of The Mouse Club? I am trying to locate old copies of the club's newsletter and would also love to get in touch with its founders, Julie and Kim McEuen.

Please email me at didier.ghez@gmail.com if you can help.


Christian S. said...

Is it the old Mickey Mouse Club, 'cause I'm familiar with two Mickey Mouse Clubs; the one in the 30's and the television series in the 50's.

Jim Korkis said...

The Mouse Club was perhaps the earliest of a Disney fandom group started in 1979 by Ed Levin and it published a "fanzine" newsletter starting in 1980. It even held conventions that later inspired Disney's Disneyana conventions.

Because of health issues, Levin turned the club over to Kim and Julie McEuen who lived in San Jose, California in 1985. They continued to publish the fanzine and hold conventions. An organization composed of members who wanted the club to be run differently started another group called the National Fantasy Fan Club (now known as the Disneyana Fan Club that still exists today).

The Mouse Club disappeared in 1992 with no notice and attempts to contact the McEuens for information yielded no response.