Friday, August 26, 2016

Quick reminder: Tuesday next week will mark the official release of They Drew As They Pleased - The Hidden Art of Disney's Musical Years, the second volume of the They Drew As They Pleased book series, which contains even more never-see-before artwork than the first volume and which explores areas of Disney history that have never been discussed before. As you can tell, I am particularly proud of this book and I have a feeling that all of you will really enjoy it.

It features 5 fascinating Disney concept artists: Walt Scott, Kay Nielsen, Sylvia Holland, Retta Scott and David Hall and hopefully will soon be considered a "must have" by most of you.


Christian S. said...

Have already pre-ordered it from Saxo, so I will receive the book in September 2, according to the delivery date.

Quick Note: When I read the first chapter of your first volume, it touched me at the end, like I already knew Hurter. It's just like what Frank Thomas wrote to John Canemaker in a letter: (citing Walt Disney's Nine Old Men & The Art of Animation that I just acquired yesterday) "So have fun and choose a heart-wrenching philosophy that will make your audience cheer while wiping a tear from their eye." So I'm hoping this volume can do the same to me

Anonymous said...

I preordered mine as soon as you announced it, as I did on the first one. I feel a little foolish that the first one has been deeply discounted on Amazon for a long while now, and maybe the second one will too, but I enjoyed it nevertheless, and will treasure this series when they are all on my shelf.