Tuesday, September 08, 2015

They Drew As They Pleased - The Hidden Art of Disney's Golden Age has been released today. If you already picked up your copy, please, please do not forget to post a review on Amazon. This will help a LOT.


Christian S. said...

Have received my copy this morning (EU time zone),
and so far I'm liking it, even if I haven't started
reading it yet. I did read the endnotes in lunchbreak
at work to see where the stories are coming from.

Jim Korkis said...

I think some people are completely unaware how a positive review on AMAZON can effect sales and draw attention to a book. Not everyone who would love this book is in the Secret Society of Secret Disney Historians. Even just a five star rating can help sales but if it is accompanied by a detailed review, it is helped even more. Also, make sure you click "Yes, this review helped me" for all five star reviews because that also gives those five stars more credibility.

Here is the review I posted yesterday:

This book is a wonderful balance between informative text and gorgeously reproduced artwork. It is also printed at a physical size that is manageable. Some Disney art books are so oversized that it makes it difficult to enjoy as you fumble with them. It is a beautiful, designed with care package that contains delights and surprises on every page. No matter how knowledgeable you think you are about Disney, this book reveals how
much all of us never knew that we never knew.

While knowledgeable Disney fans may recognize some of the names in this book, Didier truly brings these artists to life and shares why their contributions were so important to the earliest Disney animated cartoons of the 1930s. Didier is a well respected Disney historian whose other books including the amazing Walt's People series have enriched Disney history. By leveraging his connections, Didier was able to find not only artwork that has rarely if ever been seen since it was first produced but also information and insights to four Disney's legendary concept artists that have not been previously documented.

While the book effortlessly guides the reader from page to page, a quick glance at the acknowledgements will reveal the depth of research Didier went through to find and organize this material. The book is a fun browse for a casual fan interested in Disney art but for those who want something more, Didier has created a valuable reference for further exploration and understanding.

For any true Disney animation fan, this is a "must have" for your collection.