Friday, October 31, 2014

I also had the pleasure of getting Animation Anecdotes by Jim Korkis and was delighted to find in it a long chapter filled with Disney stories. The book is a real treasure and a must have from my standpoint. One key frustration however (as in all of Jim's books) is the lack of endnotes to identify the sources of the information.

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Bob McLain said...

Why no endnotes? Consider the audience. Jim isn't writing for the Disney historians and scholars. He's writing for the "average Disney fans" (of which there are many, many more than Disney historians and scholars). They're not looking for endnotes, they're looking for good stories, which Jim always provides. The endnotes just don't fit, and they're not worth the substantial extra effort. Blame me, the publisher, more than Jim, if you like. I've always advised against endnotes in books where they don't belong.