Monday, August 11, 2014

Interesting photo uncovered online recently while looking for something else. The caption seems to be:

[February 13, 1942. Walt Disney and others posing at the head table of a South Central Business Association luncheon at the Blue Bird Cafeteria. The individuals are, from left to right: Homer L. Blackwell of the National Screen Service Corp.; Clarence Nash, the voice of Donald Duck; Mrs. Lillian Bounds Disney, Walt Disney's wife; Kansas City Mayor John B. Gage; Walt Disney; SCBA President Edwin J. Barnes, Sr.; Frank S. Land, founder of the Grand Council of DeMolay; Mrs. Joseph C. Wirthman; Keith Martin, Director of the Kansas City Art Institute; and three of Disney's classmates from Benton School--George L. Williams, Louis G. Lower, and Donald Monroe.]

[UPDATE: I had a nagging feeling that I had already seen this photo somewhere. David Lesjak reminds me that it was in one of his posts :-)]

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