Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This just in from Jim Lentz at Heritage Auctions:

[Did you know Heritage auctions weekly Comic and Animation auction is selling tons of vintage disney animation drawings cels and extibles each week? If you could let people know I'd appreciate it.  This week a ton of feature animation 1990 crew jackets as well as great 30s Disney animation drawings.  These type itmes are up every week!]

I didn't know and I enjoyed what I saw.

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Peter said...

So what's the story behind that limerick? A story department secretary named Doris (?) got a Christmas bonus for "Goofy's Glider", and burst into tears? Had she contributed a gag or just typed up the scenario?

These gag drawings are so intriguing!

(I like the "Laugh Here Please" panel on the storyboard!)