Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ferdinand Horvath's diaries

As some of you know, a month ago I had the opportunity of buying a very unique set of documents: the original diaries of Disney's concept artist Ferdinand Horvath. They cover his whole life and are a true treasure trove, which I will use (among other elements) as the basis for the chapter on Horvath in my upcoming book about Disney's concept artists. The diaries are mostly in German and are being translated by Hans Perk at the moment.

One of the entries I stumbled upon yesterday was in English. The entry for December 26, 1935 reads:

[Meeting with Walt and Bianca [Majolie], Conf. - Radio City Silly Symphony Ballet.]

I have a feeling they were discussing the abandoned Silly Symphony "Flower Ballet" but what I am wondering is why the mention of "Radio City"?

Any ideas?


Joe Smith said...

Perhaps it's in the timing: RKO used Radio City as its premiere location in NYC, and Disney had just signed a deal with RKO for distribution at the end of 1935. Perhaps that short was meant as a premiere/prestige piece debuting at the music hall? All conjecture, of course.

Mark Mayerson said...

This is just speculation on my part, but Radio City Music Hall always had live stage shows, featuring a woman dance troupe named the Rockettes. I assume they were named after the theatre's location in Rockefeller Center.

Maybe the discussion had to do with designing sets and costumes for a live ballet to be performed by the Rockettes at Radio City.